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Vertical Unit warrants all products for one year from the date of purchase (except to the extent specifically required by applicable mandatory law) to the original purchaser exclusively against defects in materials and workmanship.

The warranty offered by VERTICAL UNIT does not cover any defect, damage or consequence resulting from or caused by any collision, fall or impact. The VERTICAL UNIT warranty does not cover any defect, damage or consequence resulting from or caused by use, maintenance or care of the product not in accordance with this manual or by accidents, abuse, neglect, exposure to heat, improper fit, improper care, negligence, ordinary wear and tear, natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use, rips, tears, fraying, holes, burns, pilling and shrinking. Any alteration or modification and all similar actions shall immediately void the warranty herein. The fading of the colors does not affect the safety and/or performance of the product and are not covered by the VERTICAL UNIT warranty.

This warranty take precedence over any other agreements or warrantees, general or special, expressed or implied. VERTICAL UNIT makes no other expressed warrantees or guarantees except otherwise specifically stated. VERTICAL UNIT waives all responsibility for any third party for consequences that might result from the handling or use of any Vertical Unit product by any legal or natural person.

VERTICAL UNIT’s entire liability for any breach of the limited defect warranty above shall be limited to repair or replacement of the product, at VERTICAL UNIT’s sole discretion, of the defective product or part thereof causing the breach. For warranty claims please promptly contact the dealer from which your purchase was made and provide receipt or other proof of purchase. Warranty claims are only valid with proof of purchase. If the option of returning the product to the retailer is not available, please send the defective product to KW Enterprises GmbH, together with proof of purchase, your address, email and telephone number via express courier providing with a shipping/tracking number (e.g. DHL or UPS) for the parcel as VERTICAL UNIT is only responsible for what will it will receive. The product must be properly and adequately packed in a box with padding material to ensure it is protected against movement and possible impacts during shipment. Any damage or defect incurred due to improper packing or shipping are not covered by this warranty and will not be fixed by VERTICAL UNIT.